“This program is important to me both as a parent and as a Rotarian, because it has opened my eyes to the number of children in our community that go home hungry. Our schools are doing a good job finding resources for lunches and breakfasts, but there is definitely a gap when it comes to the weekend. The Starfish Back Pack Program will assist with that need. Kids will have a back pack full of food to look forward to each Friday and hopefully come back to school on Monday with full stomachs and clear minds. It’s pretty hard to focus when you are hungry and have no energy to keep you going. This is a wonderful partnership with many community groups and I am so happy to be a part of it!”
Angie Blanco
President-Elect MeadowRidge Rotary Club

The Friends in Need Food Bank is very excited that the Rotary Club of MeadowRidge is spearheading the Starfish Backpack Program as it is a continuation of our School Meals & Snack Program which provides food to children in SD42 who would otherwise be without. Ensuring our children receive proper nutrition is the first step in ensuring they have the necessary tools to learn.
Mary Robson
Executive Director, Friends in Need Food Bank

There are many more hungry and vulnerable kids within our local schools than we often realize. The Starfish Project is a concrete way to help children (and families) to eat better and feel more connected with their school and community. For these families, the Starfish Project, will help to further strengthen the important and caring relationships between home and school. I believe it will make the weekends a whole lot better for many children and families!
Jon Wheatley
Principal Golden Ears Elementary School

When I first found out about the Starfish Pack project, I was shocked to realize how many kids in my own backyard are hungry; something soo unimaginable in this country, in my community?
I’m worried about our children, grandchildren, neighbours’ children, people I work with every day......what can I do right now?
The Starfish Pack Project seems to me a very direct program, where we can assist one child at a time....it’s working in neighbouring communities already, it’s simple, affordable and the whole community can easily get involved.
This is a project my Rotary Club can be a leader in, giving back to our own community,  making a difference one child at the time.
Starfish Packs are changing lives; will you partner with us?
Ineke Boekhorst
President 2016/17 Meadow Ridge Rotary Club

The Starfish Backpack program allows our most vulnerable families to serve warm meals over the weekend.  This makes a considerable impact as students arrive back to school on Monday well nourished and ready to learn.  We are very grateful to the Maple Ridge community for offering such support.
Kristi Blakeway
Principal Harry Hooge Elementary

Here is a video with some very powerful testimonials.